APC debuts website, social media accounts

Nigeria’s ruling party, All Progressives Congress (APC), has announced the formal opening of a new website and other social media accounts.
The party made the announcement on Sunday hours after it denied ownership a popular twitter account hitherto associated with it – @APCNigeria.
The controversial account, which was registered in February 2013, had posted several tweets on Saturday, raising the suspicion that it may have been hacked.
The National Publicity Secretary of the party, Bolaji Abdullahi had disclaimed the handle on Saturday, describing the last series of tweets as ‘a case of criminal impersonation’.
Abdulahi, in a statement released on behalf of the party on Sunday, said the new website and social media handle will keep members of the public updated on the accomplishments and events of the party.
“The newly-designed website features a streamlined and uncluttered design, offering user-friendly functionality and rich content. This website as well as the official social media accounts offer quick and easy access to essential information and features to keep party members, the media and indeed the general public abreast of party activities, the APC-led federal government and APC-governed states.
“Visitors are encouraged to explore the new website and sign up for APC’s mailing list and newsletter to receive direct emails on the Contact Us page. Also follow the APC on the listed social media accounts.”
The new website and social media accounts are listed below:
Website: www.officialapcng.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OfficialAPCNg
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/officialapcng/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialapcng/
YouTube: Official APC Nigeria

Confess your sins like Mantu, APC tells PDP

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has called on the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to follow the example of one its leaders and former Deputy Senate President, Sen. Ibrahim Mantu.
Mantu in a recent TV programme confessed the he took part in rigging elections for the PDP.
Now the APC wants the PDP to borrow this example and confess to their sins against the country instead of indulging in name calling.
Apparently burdened by guilty conscience, the PDP National Chairman had last week apologised to the nation for the years of misrule that his party had brought to the country.
The APC noted this apology but asked the PDP to go a step further and confess to their sins before restitution could be considered.
Instead of taking this path to redemption, PDP has engaged in fruitless “you too” accusations and name calling.
“This is further evidence that PDP is not ready for repentance and only offered the apology with the hope that Nigerians will grant them amnesty and a short-cut back to power”, said APC’s publicity secretary, Malam Bolaji Abdullahi.
“However, now that Senator Mantu has belled the cat, by confessing to how he has helped the PDP to rig elections in the past, we hope that PDP will follow the bold example of the former Senator and confess to their other sins against Nigeria,” Abdullahi said.

Source: NAN

How I compromised elections for PDP – Mantu

A former deputy president of the Nigerian Senate, Ibrahim Mantu, has offered a vivid description of how he had in the past helped to compromise elections in favour of the then ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
Mantu, who was a guest on a Channels Television interview programme, Hard Copy, aired on Friday, said he was making the revelations to ‘confess the truth’.
The modus operandi, according to him, was to make money available for electoral officials, security agents and party officials assigned to monitor the elections, and let them be aware of what your interests are.
“I don’t have to go and change election (results) but when you provide money, you give money to INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) boys that if they see any chance they should favour you, you provide money to the security (personnel); I tell you it’s not necessarily when I am contesting election but when my party sponsors a candidate, I will like that candidate to win election,” he explained.
The PDP stalwart, who professed to be a born again politician in 2017, added that apart from ‘settling’ designated government officials at the election scene, he also gave out money to representatives of other political parties monitoring the elections to ensure that all loose ends were tightened up in case of any legal implications for the dastardly act.
He, however, opined that the forthcoming general elections in Nigeria could be free of fraud if people of his kind would decide to be ‘born again’ like him and be ready to shun election malpractices.
“We need good governance and good governance can only be provided by good people; good people who are truly repentant, who are concerned about the well-being of the people,” he said as he urged Nigerians to ensure they voted wisely in 2019 and support leaders who would make the welfare of the people a top priority of their administration.

Ranching’ll end farmers-herders tension – Prof. Akande

‎A governorship aspirant and former chief of staff in Oyo State Prof. Adeolu Akande, has identified establishment of ranches for cattle rearing as the only solution to the incessant crisis between farmers and herdsmen in the country.

Akande, who was recently inaugurated as chairman of the board of the Nigeria Information ‎Technology Development Agency, NITDA, made the submission in Ibadan at an event organised by the Students Representatives Council of the Lead City University, where he spoke on the topic: “Grazing reserve bill: an elixir to recent crisis between Fulani herdsmen and farmers”.
The scholar ‎opined that the grazing reserve bill being proposed by the federal government is antithetical to modern day reality, saying only ranching would douse the inter-ethnic tension being fanned through farmers-herders crisis.
“The elixir to the frequent conflict between farmers and herdsmen is to adopt the ranching model which will keep the herds of cattle away from the farms of farmers and away from our roads. It will not only guarantee peaceful co-existence of farmers and herdsmen, it will also stop being a major source of inter-ethnic tension. Finally, it will also enhance productivity of livestock and contribute to food security in Nigeria and the west Africa sub-region.

‎“The activities of herdsmen have become worrisome in recent times. There have been reported cases of farmer-herdsmen attacks across the country. Many people commit heinous crimes in the name of herdsmen. The spate of atrocities masterminded by herdsmen has continued to threaten national integration vis and vis national security. It further intensifies suspicion between ethnic nationalities in Nigeria. The Fulbe/Fulani usually graze cattle, goats, and sheep and live throughout the Sahel region, in Senegal, Mali, Niger, Chad, Cameroon and Northern Nigeria. At the end of the rainy season, the pastoralists move southward from the Sahara Desert. Mobility enables pastoralists to get the most out of the sporadic rainy seasons that are characteristic of these dry lands.

“Another factor responsible for conflict between pastoralists and farmer is that grazing resources including pasture and water are found in different places at different times of the year, hence the need for constant mobility among cattle herders for opportunistic resource use. ‎

“The incidence of herdsmen/farmers conflict in Nigeria has been accentuated by the factors of climate change which has made it imperative for Fulani herdsmen to stay longer, if not permanently, in the North Central and Southern part of the country because of green pasture for their cattle. There is also the dislocation caused by the disappearing Lake Chad which had shrunk from about 400,000 square kilometres according to earliest records to 26,000 square kilometres in 1960 and 1,750 square kilometres today. This has pushed herdsmen who relied on the Lake Chad region for pasture to move down south in search of pasture.
“There is also the conflict that had traversed the northern fringe of West Africa which has made the entire region unsafe for pastoralists and their stock. Again, such displaced pastoralists found refuge in the southern fringe of West Africa. Another major consequence of the conflict in the region is that herdsmen who had to arm themselves to secure themselves and their stock in the dangerous terrain of civil war soon found arms a natural companion as they traversed the sub-region such that even when they arrive at relatively peaceful zones such as southern Nigeria, they had become so accustomed to the company of their arms that they found it difficult to live without them. Finally, the rampaging Boko Haram Conflict in the North Eastern part of the Nigeria also forced the emigration of herdsmen who also moved southwards for their safety and that of their stock. The combined effect of all of this is that there was more demand for pasture than the relatively fixed land in central and Southern Nigeria could provide. There was more demand than supply and the consequence is frequent conflict between host farmer communities and the Fulani herdsmen,” he said.

Akande, who was Chief of Staff to Governor Abiola Ajimobi, spoke further that the grazing reserve bill ‘is conceived with the business model of centuries-old cattle rearing method in view. This method is fixated with the notion that agriculture could only be done within the natural provision of rain water hence the pastoralists have to migrate in response to the raining season. It does not have to be so. The leading countries in beef production in the world do not rely on the rain for their livestock.
“The dominant business model in those countries is the ranching method where investors buy land space to nurture their stock. This has the advantage of keeping livestock under control and without threat to the farmland of other people. The other advantage is that cattle that are nurtured in such ranches are much more productive that the ones exposed to the torture of walking hundreds and thousands of kilometres in search of pasture. Research has shown that cows nurtured in ranches have better nutrients that the ones that ate exposed to hundreds of kilometres of walk. Also, the milk production by cows nurtured in ranches is much more than the milk produced by roaming cattle. For instance, an average cow in Brazil produces 40 litres of milk per day compared to the 10 litres produced by the roaming cattle in Nigeria.‎
‎‎”The major cause of frequent conflicts between the farmers and herdsmen is the contest for the control of land resource which both of them need for their economic enterprises but which unfortunately are not in equal supply as the demand for it.

“The notion of the bill is that if grazing reserves are established and grazing zones delineated, it will guarantee the pastoralists of the pasture for their stock. This provision is fraught with many challenges. The first is that the issue it seeks to address, that is, the control of livestock in neither in the exclusive nor the concurrent legislative list of the 1999 Constitution (as amended).This indicates that the National Assembly before which the bill is proposed does not have the power to make laws on the matter. The states, rather than the federal government, have such powers.
“The second assumption is that by taking over land across the states and turning them into grazing reserves, the frequent conflict between farmers and herdsmen will be reduced. That stands logic on its head. As noted in the earlier part of this paper, land is considered the heritance of the family in Nigeria, just as in most part of Africa. The confiscation of the land of a community, by whatever name it is called, and the offer of same to some other people for their own economic enterprise will only accentuate inter-ethnic tension and conflict. The communities disposed of their land will only view the opportune group as impostors and will be so disposed to engaging them in clashes at the slightest provocation.
“Besides, the history of indigenes/settlers conflict in Nigeria have shown that settlers who are given access to land by host communities soon claim equal right to such land especially when succeeding generations of the original settlers who have lost contact with their original places of birth soon lay claim to the indigene ship of their new abodes. Such claims are difficult to fault in the contests of the Nigerian Constitution that guarantees that every Nigerian can live wherever he chooses to reside or where descendants of such settlers have indeed lived for hundreds of years in the new home embraced by their immediate ancestors.

“Finally, the practice of the pastoralists traversing hundreds of kilometres as they migrate in search of pasture for their stock which the Grazing Bill seeks to preserve by demarcating and protecting Stock Routes is a recipe for crisis. Experience has shown that it is not in all instances that the pastoralists are able to keep their stock on the route. Cows do stray from the herd and destroy farmlands, instigating crisis between farmers and herdsmen.”

Sahara Reporters publisher Omoyele Sowore hints on presidential ambition


Omoyele Sowore, citizen reporter and publisher of the popular online news platform, Sahara Reporters, has indicated interest to run for the office of the Nigerian President in the forthcoming 2019 elections.

He gave the hint in an interview published by the Premium Times, an online newspaper on Friday.

Sowore, in the interview conducted by Musikliu Mojeed, Premium Times’ Editor-in-Chief, said he was already mobilizing Nigerians across the world to ensure the success of his ambition.

According to him, his presidency would rescue Nigeria from the visionless leadership it has suffered for decades, which has also dragged her back and prevent her from occupying her rightful place in the comity of nations.

“Nigeria struggles because past presidents have had three major issues. Firstly, there is an abject absence of a clear vision as to where the country should be headed. Where should Nigeria be in the next five, 10 or even 50 years? Where are the national plans that map out the country’s vision and the paths to their actualization aside from the propaganda we see on NTA?

“Today, we are impressed by China’s sustained growth, but since 1953 China has produced a series of 5-year plans that has guided their growth. Now they are on their 13th five-year plan (2016-2020). With that China became the most powerful and prosperous nation on earth using its populace as its best resource. China solved its housing crisis and even now boast of unoccupied apartments in “ghost cities” built in the last 10 years. China built one of the fastest rail services with an amount of money equivalent to the sums stolen during the oil imports scam.

“Same goes for the UAE (United Arab Emirate). Dubai was built into the architectural marvel that is now a magnet to Nigeria’s thieving elites. I will be instituting a series of four-year plans to overlap with Nigeria’s political tenure system that will chart our path to growth and progress.

“Secondly, even where a clear vision might exist, nepotism, tribalism, and favoritism has robbed us of the service of our best people. I am a completely detribalized Nigerian. My antecedents are that of an activist that has worked to build alliances and networks across this nation over the last 30 years.

“I understand first hand the value of having competent and capable people in the right positions. I’ve created a world-class media company in the last 12 years and taught in a private college for eight years helping to mold some of America’s greatest minds.

“Thirdly, corruption has crippled us as a nation. Where past presidents have been slow in tackling this issue and sometimes even complicit through their actions or inactions in promoting corruption, I will be decisive in dealing with this cancer that has ravaged the Nigerian nation,” he said.

Sowore also berated President Muhammadu Buhari for allegedly failing in all the major strength of his political campaign in the 2015 election that produced his government.

“Just a little over a week ago – over 100 young girls were taken by Boko Haram in Dapchi. Buhari’s appeal was supposed to be a tough stance against corruption and an ability to address the security crises posed by Boko Haram.

“No single major victory has been notched in the anti-corruption fight. Boko Haram is still alive and kicking. And the president’s inaction and lack of leadership are causing the herdsmen-farmers conflicts to take on an even more dangerous dimension. The Nigerian state is in shambles.”

While explaining how he would get the money to finance his campaign, the media mogul said he would source funds from Nigerians through the internet and other means, adding that he would also leverage on the strength of the nation’s youth population to mobilise funds and people to vote for him.

He said he was not afraid of the zoning formula which might not favour him, being a southerner.

“Where has our “Turn – by – Turn” politics gotten us? I’m a firm believer that when it comes to the life of a nation – all sentiments must be set aside and only the most capable hands should be employed to manage the affairs of Nigerians. If I believed in Buhari’s ability to lead NIGERIA, I would have supported him. When Jonathan – a Southerner like me was in office, I had a principled opposition to the way he was running Nigeria. It was Albert Einstein that said, “it is madness to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.” Nigeria has a unique opportunity in 2019 to elevate competence over tribalism, elevate character over dishonesty, principle over indecisiveness. I’m sure when the dust clears there will be candidates from across Nigeria expressing an interest in the presidency. Let Nigerians decide who should lead them.

“Our patriots from across Nigeria won’t bother about zoning when they realize the person running the country is completely detribalized and doesn’t treat anyone different because of their tribe, religion, creed, and class. We have had it all. Mediocrity hiding behind zoning and a wicked, selfish sense of entitlement. The only thing zoning does is empower political actors to enrich themselves and plug their friends and cronies in the position of authority to steal, kill and destroy. For the rest of us north or south, we are zoned to misery,” he submitted.

Make Nigeria livable, Kalejaiye charges political leaders

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Otunba Kunle Kalejaye, has called on political office holders across Nigeria to do everything within their powers to improve the economic situation in the country in order to curb the incessant illegal migration of citizens to other countries for greener pasture.

Kalejaiye gave the charge while speaking with journalists after a Christmas carol service he hosted in Ibadan recently.

While lamenting the harsh impact of poor economic situation in Nigeria on the people, he noted that if the successive leaders in the country were resourceful enough the nation should be economically buoyant by now and its citizens would not have any reason to seek financial freedom with such desperation.

“Nigerian leaders should strive to make Nigeria more livable. What happened to Nigerians in Libya recently was a case in point.

“There is no need for people to go and die in the desert if Nigeria is good. Our leaders must make the country to be livable so that people will not continue to go and die in the desert. I watched a CNN report on how our people and their fellows from other parts of Africa are being sold to slavery in Libya and it made me very sad as a Nigerian. There is a lot we can do as a people; as a nation, and at the government level to improve the living condition of Nigerians,” he said.

The senior lawyer also called for a national rebirth and national reorientation, arguing that unless both the leaders and followers get full understanding of their roles and play same effectively in the running of the country, no meaningful development would take place.

According to him, apart from coming out during elections to vote, Nigerians have the responsibility to hold their leaders to account to check possible excesses of political office holders.

He also described as sickening how some Nigerians accumulate wealth at the expense of the majority who only need little to better their lives or stay alive.

“That is why I will say that the spirit of goodwill is lost in many Nigerians. Once you are full, there is nothing you can do about it. You can’t eat again. It is very unfortunate in this country that people accumulated money while millions will be wallowing in abject poverty.

“It doesn’t make sense at all. And I still believe that before anybody is elected or appointed into any position of authority, he needs to see a psychiatrist. There is something intrinsically wrong with our leaders. The way people amass wealth is sickening,” he submitted.

Mass defection: APC leaders admit Akala, others

Leaders from the national secretariat of the All Progressives Congress (APC) were on hand to formally admit the former governor of Oyo State, Adebayo Alao-Akala and other notable politicians in the state, who left the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Labour Party (LP) and Accord to join the ruling party.
While speaking at the event held at Mapo Hall, Ibadan, a national leader of APC and former governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu, declared the opposition dead in the Oyo state politics, adding that with number of the decampees and their political stature, the APC is sure of winning every election held in the state
The event was also witnessed by senior officials of the party including the deputy national chairman (South) and former governor of Ekiti state, Segun Oni; deputy national chairman (Southwest), Pius Akinyelure; Ondo state governor, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu; Osun State governor, Rauf Aregbesola and party leaders from other parts of the country.
In his remarks, Akala said their defection has left the state with only one party, assuring the ruling party of total victory in subsequent elections in the state.
“I want to assure you that there is no need to panic over any election. There is no other party in Oyo except the APC,” he said.
The former governor was joined in the defection gale by his erstwhile deputy and former Nigerian Ambassador to Jordan, Taofeek Arapaja; former Senate Leader and PDP governorship candidate in 2015 election, Teslim Folarin; the only PDP House of Representatives member from Oyo State, Olusegun Odebunmi; administrative secretary of the Osun PDP caretaker committee; Ademola Ojo; immediate past chairman of PDP in Oyo state, Yinka Taiwo; former Secretary to the Oyo State government, Ayodele Adigun, all members of Labour Party in the State House of Assembly and several other big names in the opposition parties.
Akala, however, praised Governor Abiola Ajimobi for creating the conducive environment that makes their defection possible.
He pledged their cooperation with and loyalty to the governor and the party.
Governor Ajimobi, who welcomed the detectors, remarked that it never in the history of the state that a party would receive such large number of heavyweight decampees to its fold at a time.
He said God was in support of the project, adding that it wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t so.

Oyo lawmaker decamps to nonexisting party

A member of the Oyo State House of Assembly, Joshua Oyebamiji, displayed crass ignorance on the floor of the house on Thursday while announcing his defection from Accord Party, under which platform he won election.

Oyebamiji, who represents Akinyele 1 in the House, made his declaration before the state governor, Abiola Ajimobi, who came to present the 2018 budget.

Even though he is the chairman, House Committee on Information, the lawmaker seems not to know the difference between the All Progressives Congress (APC) and All Progressives Party (APP).

He mentioned the latter (instead of the former) three times as the party he was moving to in a prepared speech read to announce his defection before the house.

The lawmaker hinged his decision to leave Accord to the rancour in the party and the fact that their leader and former governor of the state, Rashidi Ladoja, had recently left to join the Peoples Democratic Party.

Ajimobi, while welcoming him, urged other lawmakers who don’t belong to the APC yet to follow suite.

He also informed that some big names in the state will formally declare for APC on Saturday.

APC is Nigeria, PDP’s enemy, says Atiku


Former Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar has asked for unity amongst members of the Peoples Democratic Party following the conclusion of election of the party’s executive at its National Convention on Saturday.
A press statement by the media office of the former Vice President congratulating Prince Uche Secondus as the new national chairman of the PDP and other elected officials of the exco, says that the immediate challenge before the newly elected national officials of the PDP is to run an all-inclusive administration where the various interests within the party can find accommodation.
Atiku reminded that Nigerians are looking up to the Peoples Democratic Party for unity in the party, “because it takes a united and coherent PDP to sack the APC government in 2019″.
The statement reads: “Our great party, the Peoples Democratic Party is, again, at the threshold of an historical moment. Just as we mobilized to put an end to prolonged military rule in 1999, the people of Nigeria at this moment look up to us to rescue the country from the mis-government of the APC.
“Arising from our elective congress, there should be no victor and no vanquished. Our paramount attention should be focused at sacking a government that deceived the people of Nigeria into power by promising our youths three million jobs annually, only to deliver three million job lodses annually; a government that is repeatedly living in denial of its commitment to restructuring. We must be united to take power back to where it belongs: the Nigerian people.
“As members of the PDP, we must take pride in being able to hold a national convention and in so doing live up to the bill of being a truly democratic political party. Our major opponent has not been able to achieve this feat and I join millions of our party members to congratulate the Ahmed Makarfi-led national caretaker committee.
“I understand that there are complaints and grievances from many of the co-contestants in the congress. I am aware that the PDP has a mechanism for addressing such complaints and it is important that such avenues of redress are made available for members to explore without let or hindrance Meantime, I call on ALL our leaders and members to rally the new executive for the sake of our party, Nigeria and the good of our people.

Nigerians come after Gov. Okorocha for appointing his sister as commissioner


A flurry of reactions has greeted the appointment of Mrs. Ogechi Ololo (Nee Okorocha) as Commissioner for Happiness and Couples’ Fulfilment in Imo State, with many describing it as an aberration.

Ololo is a biological sister to Governor Rochas Okorocha and she was among the 28 commissioners inaugurated by the governor on Monday.

As soon as the news of her appointment was broken, the social media arena went abuzz as many Nigerians wrote to mock the governor while others fiercely condemned his action.

Ebo Gerald with the twitter handle @ebogerald1 wrote, “Imo state are indeed in one chance, I told most of my friends that “Rochas Okorocha” is scam and am not surprised by this new development,”.

Apparently enraged, one Achubike Ezechona tweeted, “Rochas Okorocha you are a disgrace to Nigerian governors. First it was a bill board of you shaking Obama, then you erect expensive statues when you owe salaries. Now it is gross nepotism. you are taking Imo state people for a ride i think you need a head examination. U are unfit”.

Another twitter user with the name ‘Indian Sonnet’ rather expressed regrets at the sequence of events in Imo State in recent times, accusing the governor of taking his people for a ride.

“Rochas Okorocha really taking Imo people for granted and they seem to be helpless too, waiting and hoping his second term ends. He’s one mistake of a governor. Wtf is commissioner of happiness??” Sonnet tweets.

For Nedu Ekeke and Franklin Okere, the situation calls for sober reflection, fearing it could portend an ominous future for the governor and the state.

Here is Ekeke’s tweet: “Rochas Okorocha of Imo State appoints Mrs. Ogechi Ololo as the Commissioner for “Happiness and Couples’ Fulfillment”. If there was any doubt that Okorocha is a total misfit, he cleared it today.”

And Okere’s: “So Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State just had his biological sister sworn in to government as commissioner for Happiness and Couple’s Fulfillment. He whom the gods want to destroy they first make mad.”

Until her appointment and swearing in on Monday, Mrs. Ololo was the Deputy Chief of Staff in her brother’s cabinet and has held some other positions since the government came on board.

Apart from other 27 commissioners inaugurated to man other ministries, Governor Okorocha also sworn in 27 Transition Committee chairmen for the respective local government councils in the state.