Expert seeks mutual respect among health workers

Health Workers
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An emotional intelligence expert, Isaac Onoja, has identified mutual respect among health workers as the best way to guarantee effective delivery in the healthcare sector.

Onoja gave the recommendation at the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan on Thursday while delivering a lecture at the opening of the 2017 Health Week of the Nigerian Union of Allied Health Professionals (NUAHIP), UCH Ibadan branch.

Entitled ‘Emotional Intelligent in The Healthcare Delivery’, the lecture pointedly blamed medical doctors for the incessant crisis in the health sector, accusing them of attempt to lord it over other professionals in the system.

“The problem in the health sector is the problem of leadership and the doctors are supposed to be leaders in the healthcare delivery system. But once the leader is not able to lead well it is a big problem. Leadership is not lordship, leadership is that somebody has found his voice and is helping others to find theirs.

“The moment you lord it over people, you don’t get the best out of them. Like Herbert Einstein will say, the significant challenges we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. When these problems were created, many of them (medical doctors) were not even there but it was handed down from one generation to the other,” Onoja said.

While suggesting the way out of the logjam, the trained pharmacist called for synergy, emotional intelligence and empathy among all health workers to ensure quality healthcare service delivery to the patients

“So the way out is to activate the emotional intelligence. What you need, the other person needs, what the doctor needs, the pharmacists need, what the pharmacists need the medical lab scientists need. So let everyone come together, let them put their hands together and work together to be able to have a healthcare system that will be able to deliver quality and deliver a result to the people.

“We will keep having these problems until we are able to activate emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is defined as blending thinking and feeling. Why are the doctors so afraid? They have fear, fear of what? That they will not be respected again? No, there is no scarcity of respect. Everybody has its own track, let everybody stay on their track. The doctor on its track, the pharmacists on its track, nurses on its track, the medical lab scientists on its track, the physiotherapist on its track and we will be able to achieve a functional healthcare system that will make the patients the kings that they are. We will be able to help them and everyone will now grow together and we will be able to have a happy society”, he added

In his welcome address, NUAHP UCH branch Chairman, Olusegun Sotiloye, said the event was organized to create public awareness on the importance of the less-known professions in the healthcare system to the overall success of the sector.

“The seminar is our way of showcasing ourselves as medical professionals because most people only know about medical practitioners popularly called doctors and nurses when you go for healthcare in the hospital. But the idea is that there are so many other professionals that are involved in the system, the physiotherapist, the radiographers, medical laboratory scientists, operational therapist, dietitians, medical physicist and so many others. Without all these people there can never be quality healthcare, he said.



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