Oyo female guber candidates promise improved life for citizens

Female guber candidates
NAWOJ members and the guests
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Two female governorship candidates in Oyo State have promised to focus on policies that will improve the live of people of the state if given the opportunity to serve in next political dispensation.

Princess Bolanle Sariyu-Aliyu of the National Interest Party (NIP) and Rev. Mrs. Adenike Victor-Tade of the Advanced Allied Party, made the pledge at the Nigeria Union of Journalist (NUJ) press centre in Ibadan recently while featuring as guests at the National Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ), Oyo State chapter’s forum.

They insisted that the Nigerian political space needs a feminist touch to make things better.

While arguing that men’s domination of the nation’s politics has created a shift from policies that can directly impact people’s lives, Princess Sarumi-Aliyu noted that investing political power in women will bring about unprecedented development in the social and economic lives of Nigerians.

She berated the men in politics for concentrating on the infrastructure at the detriment of policies that can directly improve the people’s well-being.

To correct this, the NIP candidate said her attention would be on how to secure fulfilled live for the people of Oyo State as the governor.

“At present, majority of the people in the state live in poverty. There is need to evolve and implement policies that can speedily take them out of poverty and make life meaningful to them. This is the exact mission I am coming to fulfill if the good people of Oyo State provide me with the opportunity to serve them in the next election,” she said.

Mrs. Sarumi-Aliyu also promised to make anti natal care free for all pregnant women, provide free healthcare for citizens above 65 years of age, and put in place a better education system in the state.

Also speaking, Mrs. Victor-Tade promised to improve on the health care delivery system of the state, stressing that the people of the state deserve to enjoy free medical facilities

She also kicked against the implementation of 30,000 minimum wage, saying it is unrealistic with the current situation of the country.

The candidates urged the people of the state not to allow themselves to be manipulated as the 2019 elections beckon.



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