University of Leeds offers free online training on diseases awareness

Online Training

A free online training that unravels everything about diseases affecting the human system is on offer by the University of Leeds, England.

Entitled ‘The Causes of Human Diseases, the programme is segmented into five courses that looks at sciences behind causes of human diseases.

“The program focuses on different types of human disease like infectious, cardiovascular and genetic diseases and cancer and explores how social determinants, nutrition and environmental factors influence our health, the university said while introducing the training programme.

Besides being available for prospective learners on all computer devices (desktop, tablet and mobile), one other unique feature of the training programme is that the five courses can be taken in any order and at any time of the day.

“When you complete all five courses in the program and obtain a Certificate of Achievement for each, you will be eligible to join a final assessment course that leads to the award of 10 credits from the University of Leeds”.

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Discover how internet affects you in this free course


The University of Michigan in the United States has put up a free training programme to offer explanations of how the internet affects its billions of users across the world.

Tagged ‘The Internet and You’, the free training course is part of the university’s Teach-Out series designed to bring attendees across all spectrum together for a few days to learn about the subject under discuss and gain skills therefrom.

While writing on the essence of ‘The Internet and You’, the organizers said the event was aimed at every internet user who is desirous of ‘understanding the vital technical, legal, and policy implications that will shape the Internet’s future’.

Charles Severance and Douglas Van Houweling, Associate Professor and Professor respectively in the university’s  School of Information will handle the class.

“Can the Internet be controlled? Should it be? How does the history of the Internet help predict what we should expect for its future? Is net neutrality a lost cause or something worth fighting for?

“The Internet continues to surprise us as a force for change and disruption in our daily lives and society at large. While it seems as though these significant disruptions are a recent phenomena, in reality we have seen these profound societal disruptions since the 1990s.

“In this Teach-Out, participants will learn how the Internet has affected human communication, the sharing and discovery of information, and social interactions. Discussions on current trends and potential ways the Internet will continue to affect society will also be explored, as well as how learners can empower their own productivity and impact in the ever-evolving landscape of the Internet,” the organizers further elucidated on the programme.

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